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Bring home your new furry friend. Up & Away Pups is invested in the health, happiness and future home of each of our puppies. We work closely with the moms and dads, and we know the personality of each puppy. We can help you find your perfect, furry match.





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Welcome to Up & Away Pups

Where You Meet the New Furry Member of Your Family

Are you ready to embark on the heartwarming journey of adding a new furry member to your family? The prospect is undoubtedly thrilling, but we understand that having a new pup in your home is also a monumental responsibility.

Navigating the Path to Puppy Parenthood

Finding puppies for sale can feel like navigating a maze. From matching personalities to considering living spaces, the challenges are as diverse as the breeds themselves. At Up & Away Pups, we recognize that every puppy finder and their family is unique, and every pup is one-of-a-kind. But don’t worry. Our team of specialists walks you through a seamless puppy adoption process that matches you with a dog that suits your home.

Why Choose Up & Away Pups?

Experience That Soars Above the Rest

As seasoned breeders, we've performed countless matches for over 18 years, bringing joy and wagging tails to homes far and wide. Our experience isn't just measured in years – it's counted in the countless furry companions that have found their forever families through our efforts.

Founded as the sister company to Happytail Puppies in 2005, Up & Away Pups is your trusted guide to puppy parenthood. As a close-knit family venture, we're not just in the breeding business. Instead, we also aim to craft forever friendships.

Strategically located in Ohio, our office can deliver your adorable pups to your doorstep—by land or air. We also offer puppy pickups if you're near our office.

Before we were breeders, we were ardent animal enthusiasts. Teaming up with Up & Away Pups is about more than just locations. We are committed to the well-being of every puppy and their fur parents. Expect the best care for each loving furry pet that comes home with you.


Turning Challenges Into Tail-Wagging Triumphs

We understand each family's specific challenges, whether a puppy finder is seeking a lively companion for family adventures or a loyal confidante for quiet nights at home. From allergies to lifestyle considerations, our expertise transforms potential roadblocks into opportunities for lifelong bonds. You can contact our specialists to help you find the perfect match.


TRAINING PROMOS: Our team offers promotions for families signing up for our training packages

  • If you sign up for the two week training program, you get a 25% discount on your pup.
  • Receive a FREE Puppy Under $2495 or 50% Off Above $2495 if you sign up for our 4+ week training program.
  • Get your pup FREE and a FREE Charming Puppy Starter Kit if you sign up for the 6 week training.
  • Subscribe to our 8+ week training package and you can receive your pup FREE and and a FREE Happily Ever After Starter Kit


We also offer financing options through our partner, Credova and comprehensive pet insurance from Fetch. Check out our promotional offers page to learn more about our meet-and-greet specials and buy-one-get-one offers.

Our Process

Your Seamless Journey to Puppy Parenthood

Why navigate the puppy adoption journey alone when you can soar with Up & Away Pups? Our seamless adoption process ensures your new family member finds its perfect home.

The process begins when you choose a puppy from our website. We have a wide selection of puppies to match your requirements. You can filter your search by selecting small puppies for sale or any size and breed you prefer.

After choosing tiny puppies for sale, you can make a reservation, and our team will remove the listing from our website. You can then schedule a meet and greet session before deciding whether to adopt.

Available Puppy Breeds

Explore our selection of adorable pups and discover why Up & Away Pups is the preferred destination for those seeking not just a pet but a lifelong companion.