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Loving & High-Spirited

Discover the vibrant temperament of the Teacup Morkie puppy! Despite their small size, these pups boast a big personality that's impossible to ignore. They crave constant attention and thrive on affection from their family members, forming strong bonds that last a lifetime.


At their best, Morkies are playful, high-spirited, and endlessly fun-loving, bringing joy to every moment. However, without proper training and socialization, they can develop undesirable qualities such as being demanding, yappy, or even neurotic.


Their watchdog tendencies can be tough to break, but with patience and consistent guidance, they can learn to channel their protective instincts positively. With love and guidance, your Teacup Morkie will blossom into the perfect companion, bringing endless happiness to your home.


Scruffy & Silky

It is time to delight in the charming appearance of the Teacup Morkie puppy. Their pricked ears and square stance exude better confidence and glamor. Their dark brown eyes radiate intelligence and warmth as the ideal ones to complement their short mustachioed muzzle.


The coat of a Teacup Morkie pup is the real masterpiece of the straight and silky fur made available in numerous engaging colors, including white, black, fawn, and silver. Their flowing and longer locks will add to their true allure, making them a sight that you should behold.


Irrespective of their smaller stature, these miniature pups generally weigh between four to eight pounds and stand at around six to 8 inches in height, making them adorable companions for every adventure. Embrace the real elegance and beauty of the Teacup Morkie pups as their captivating hearts wherever they are going.


Medium Activity

You can seamlessly accommodate the exercise needs of your Teacup Morkie pups. Their low— to medium-energy level means these adorable companions need the right level of activity to keep them healthy and happy.


A bit of their playtime combines the best daily walk is whatever it takes to satisfy their need for movement and mental stimulation. Try engaging their intelligent minds by teaching them tricks and playing the most exciting, stimulating games to ensure that their mental health is robust, like their physical well-being.


We recommend 30 to 45 minutes of moderate daily activity supplemented by 5 to 6 miles of walking each week to keep your Teacup Morkie in its best form. With the right balanced approach to the exercises, your pup will thrive and radiate vitality throughout the journey. 

Know The Real Past of Our Teacup Morkie Pups for Sale

The Morkies are the latest breed that results from the crossing of the Maltese and Yorkshire Terrier.

● The Yorkshire Terrier

The Yorkshire Terrier was mainly bred out from the hunting of rodents across the textile mills as they originated in England. The breed attained huge recognition through the American Kennel Club in 1885 and instantly rose to fame for their affectionate personalities and showmanship competitions.

● The Maltese

The Maltese breed comes from a rich history that dates back centuries as they come from the Mediterranean island of Malta. It is known to form the ancient mix of the Spaniel and Bichon and, throughout history, has been named various ones. The Maltese dogs were frequently used for comforting the sick and have stayed as cherished companions all through the time. Their classy appearance and endearing nature make them the subject of art and literature. It was during the 1700s when they arrived in the US, captivating the hearts of all.

● The Teacup Morkie

It is the best cross between the Maltese and Yorkshire Terrier, as the Teacup Morkie possesses the ideal traits of both breeds. Their fascinating lineage and engaging features make our puppies showcase the distinctive blend of charm and history in the lives of their fortunate owners.

Maintaining Pups In The Best Way Ever

Know about the distinctive maintenance and caring tips for our Teacup Morkie puppies for sale.

● Grooming

The ownership of the Teacup Morkie pup comes out of the joy of companionship and the key responsibility of top-level grooming. Their elegant coat calls for regular brushing to prevent tangles and mats and ensure that their fur stays soft and silky. 

Semi-regular bathing with gentle shampoo is necessary to keep them fresh and clean. This is followed by a towel dry and a gentle blow-dry to maintain their fluffiest appearance. Daily cleaning of their teeth and ears is important for their overall hygiene and health.

● Training

Our Teacup Morkie Puppies are super intelligent and eager to please, making them the perfect ones to train. However, early training is often recommended to prevent the development of bad habits. Irrespective of their intelligence, they prove stubborn and need consistency and patience in their training methods. 

Positive training techniques like praise and treats would work their best with these sensitive pups, encouraging good behavior and strengthening the bond between the pup and the owner. Your Teacup Morkie develops into an obedient and well-behaved companion to enrich your life with their loyalty and charm with positive training and dedication methods.

FAQs About Teacup Morkie Puppies

What Is The Average Lifespan Of A Teacup Morkie Puppy?

On average, Teacup Morkie puppies live 10 to 15 years. Proper care, nutrition, and regular veterinary check-ups can help ensure their long and healthy lives.

Are Teacup Morkie Puppies Easy To Train?

Teacup Morkie puppies are generally intelligent and eager to please, making them receptive to training. However, they can also be stubborn, requiring patience and consistency from their owners. Early socialization and positive reinforcement techniques are key to their success in training. With dedication and the right approach, Teacup Morkies can become well-behaved and obedient companions with proper training programs.

Are Teacup Morkie Puppies Good With Family, Children, And Other Pets?

Teacup Morkie puppies are known for their affectionate and friendly nature, making them great companions for families, including children and other pets. However, it's important to supervise interactions between young children and small puppies to prevent accidental injuries.

From Where Can I Get A Cute Teacup Morkie Puppy?

You can now find your cutest Teacup Morkie puppies at our platform, Up And Away Pups. It's essential to do thorough research and ensure the source is reputable, prioritizing the health and well-being of the puppy. Get in touch today to add the adorable pup as your companion.

Are Teacup Havapoo Morkie Hypoallergenic?

Teacup Morkies, like their parent breeds, the Maltese and Yorkshire Terrier, are considered hypoallergenic due to their minimal shedding and low dander production. However, no dog is entirely hypoallergenic, so individuals with allergies need to spend time with the breed to assess their compatibility.