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Friendly & Smart

Locate the heartwarming temperament of our Miniature Newfypoo pups for sale. These adorable companions represent charm and warmth, from their playful antics to their subtle affection. They are known for their playful and friendly nature as they rapidly become the life of every household.


Their protective instincts, coupled with their gentle nature, make them the perfect companions for families in search of affection and security. Their open-hearted approach to meeting new people and dogs ensures that they make fast friends wherever they go.


The Miniature Newfypoos thrive on mental stimulation. They are intelligent individuals eager to explore and learn. Their clever antics can keep you on your toes, whether it is a puzzle toy or an interactive game. Embrace the companionship and joy of the Miniature Newfypoo puppies and watch them as they fill their lives with joy and love.


Broad & Fluffy

Our Miniature Newfypoo pups are known for their captivating appearance. Their unique build and luxurious coat will make the pups will turn heads wherever they go. The massive head adorning the longer drop or triangular ears exudes an endearing charm, capturing the hearts of millions. The small to medium eyes gaze out their warmth and intelligence that ideally complements their broad and straight muzzle.


However, their coat will steal the show. They are curly and dense, beckoning to get admired or touched. Their fur stays as a testament to their class and heritage, whether they are sporting a single or a double layer. Each of the strands is welcoming enough to run your fingers through that it promises a softness, being luxurious and delightful. Adapt to the beauty of our Miniature Newfypoo puppy to experience the true joy of owning the real masterpiece of canine companionship.


Medium Activity

Our Miniature Newfypoo puppy is the ideal fusion of grace and energy. As they are active, they are not hyperactive, making them the ideal companions for their moderate exercise regimes. These pups are always ready for an adventure, whether it includes a leisurely walk across the park, a refreshing swim in the lake, or a brisk jog around the neighborhood.


Their talents would shine the brightest across activities like truffle hunting, tracking, and numerous water sports to showcase their versatile talents. To keep your pups healthier and happy, we recommend engaging them in about an hour of daily activities, which would be around 12 miles of walking each week. The proper balance between companionship and exercise with your Miniature Newfypoo thriving as our adventurous and loyal partner in crime.

Historic Grace of Miniature Newfypoo Puppies For Sale

It was during the past two decades that there was a cross between Newfoundland and Poodle.

The History of the Newfoundland

The real story of the Miniature Newfypoo puppy starts with the rich history of their parent breeds. Originally bred as a working dog and companions to Newfoundland, fishermen earned their keep by nets of fish retrieving ropes and rescuing the shipwreck survivors founded Newfoundland. Their gentle nature and intimidating size rapidly endeared them to those who faced them leading to the growth of fame over the years.

The History of Poodles

Poodles has a past story that dates back to Egyptian and Roman times. The French identified their versatility by using numerous poodle sizes for tasks such as truffle sniffing, duck hunting, and smaller companions. Their intelligence and quick learning abilities made them the real stars across the circuses, where they dazzled their audiences with astonishing tricks. Poodles had held their reputation as one of the most prominent breeds in America, cemented their status as beloved companions from the 1950s to the 1990s.

The Birth of the Miniature Newfypoo

The Miniature Newfypoo pups inherit the ideal traits of their prominent parent breeds, which combine the loyalty and protective instincts of Newfoundland with the adaptability and intelligence of Poofle. This distinctive blend of qualities makes the Miniature Newfypoo a cherished companion and a versatile work dog prepared to head out for new adventures with their loving family.

Maintaining and Care for Miniature Newfypoo

Let us uncover the real care tips for our Miniature Newfypoo.


Maintaining the hygiene and the cost of your Miniature Newfypoo pups is the key to their comfort and well-being. Bathe your pup about once every two to three months to clean their coat without removing the essential oils. Brushing daily can help prevent tangles and mats while promoting a healthier coat. Regular clipping and trimming are required to keep their furs neat and manageable. Also inspect their ears regularly to ensure that they are staying clean and dry for the prevention of infections.


Our Miniature Newfypoos are intelligent and quick learners, making training a highly rewarding experience. They are extremely athletic and enjoy being put to work; therefore, incorporating activities that engage their minds and bodies is a must. Start training earlier to lay the foundation for good behavior; however, it is essential to continue challenging them to make them mentally fulfilled and sharp. Greater consistency, patience, and positive reinforcement make your Miniature Newfypoo thrive as a cherished and well-behaved companion.

FAQs About Miniature Newfypoo Puppies

What Is The Average Lifespan Of A Miniature Newfypoo Puppy?

The average lifespan of a Miniature Newfypoo puppy ranges from 10 to 15 years. However, factors such as genetics, diet, exercise, and overall care can influence their lifespan. Providing a loving and nurturing environment along with regular veterinary check-ups can help ensure a longer and healthier life for your furry friend.

Are Miniature Newfypoo Puppies Easy To Train?

Yes, Miniature Newfypoo puppies are generally easy to train due to their high intelligence and eagerness to please. With consistent training and positive reinforcement, they quickly grasp commands and behaviors, making them ideal companions for obedience training and various activities.

Are Miniature Newfypoo Puppies Good With Family, Children, And Other Pets?

Yes, Miniature Newfypoo puppies are known for their friendly and sociable nature, making them excellent companions for families, children, and other pets. They thrive on companionship and love to be part of the family activities, whether it's playing in the yard or cuddling on the couch.

From Where Can I Get A Cute Miniature Newfypoo Puppy?

Our platform, Up And Away Pups, is the ideal breeder in town to help you get your new furry companion, Miniature Newfypoo pups. We target the well-being and health of our pups while offering them a loving home.

Are Miniature Newfypoo Puppies Hypoallergenic?

While Miniature Newfypoos may inherit some hypoallergenic traits from their Poodle parent, they are not guaranteed to be hypoallergenic. Individuals with allergies to pet dander should spend time with a Miniature Newfypoo before bringing one home to assess their tolerance.