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Just like humans, every puppy learns differently, so our training programs have been designed with that in mind. The first step in the training process is to assess the psychology of your pup in order to create a program that best suits their needs. This unique approach to training will ensure that your puppy comes home with a foundation of skills and manners that will allow you to easily continue training them as they grow.

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Specialized Training

Up & Away Pups now offers private classes to help your pup earn the AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC) award. We also offer emotional support training for your four-legged family member.

Please contact one of our Puppy Care Consultants for more information.

Training Packages

Up and Away Pups is your trusted partner in puppy training and raising quality puppies in Sugarcreek and the surrounding areas of Ohio. We are a family-owned and operated business founded in 2005. Driven by our profound love for animals, we are committed to the health, happiness, and well-being of every pup we raise. 

At Up and Away Pups, we provide top-notch training and ensure your furry friend thrives in their new home.

Forging Deeper Connections

Our puppy training service goes beyond the basics - it's about forging a deeper connection between you and your beloved pet. Led by our expert trainers, our classes are designed to be simple and rewarding, fostering a bond that lasts a lifetime. We understand that we're not just training dogs, but we are also empowering the people who love them.

AKC Canine Good Citizen Certification

With our custom puppy training program and systems, we aim to equip your puppies with skills and routines to qualify them for the AKC Canine Good Citizen certification. Your furry friend will receive intensive instruction from behavior to full-service dog training. After the AKC Star Puppy certification, you can bring home-trained puppies to fit your lifestyle.

Comprehensive Training Regimen

We offer comprehensive puppy training classes, encompassing key areas of development for your puppy, including socialization, group play, and honing focus and impulse control. Our expert advice ensures you have the knowledge and tools to raise a well-adjusted family dog, creating harmony within your household.

Guardian Program

Beyond training, Up & Away Pups is distinguished by our Guardian Program. This unique initiative allows us to responsibly offer a diverse range of breeds while maintaining bloodlines and ensuring the highest standards of care. Our on-site vet techs safeguard the well-being of each puppy, providing new puppy parents with detailed vet reports.

Our licensed and inspected families are deeply committed to creating a nurturing environment with abundant snuggles and puppy kisses. At Up & Away Pups, we take pride in training furry friends and raising them with love, care, and expertise, making them a cherished addition to your family.

Science-Based Training from Loving Experienced Professionals

Experience the power of science-based training from our team of devoted professionals who share a genuine love for dogs. Our approach is rooted in proven methods that ensure effective learning. We aim to create a training experience that's as caring as effective.

Choose from four puppy training programs, depending on your needs and preferences.

Just the Basics

In our Just the Basics puppy training program, we embark on a transformative journey with your puppy, setting the stage for a lifetime of good behavior and harmonious companionship. For two weeks, our expert puppy trainer will introduce common terminology and instill the fundamentals of basic obedience, creating a solid foundation for your puppy's behavior.

Included Commands

Sit: "Sit on your bottom." – The "Sit" command teaches your puppy to lower their hindquarters to the ground. It's a fundamental obedience cue that promotes calm and attentive behavior.
Come: "Come to me" – "Come" is a vital recall command, instructing your puppy to approach you promptly. It fosters a strong bond and ensures their safety.
Lay: "Lay down" – "Lay" commands your pup to lie on their belly. It encourages relaxation and helps maintain control in various situations.
Yes: "That is the correct behavior I am looking for." – "Yes" serves as instant positive reinforcement to let your puppy know they've performed the desired behavior correctly, encouraging them to repeat it.
No: "This is incorrect behavior." – "No" is a gentle correction, indicating that your puppy's behavior is undesirable. It helps establish boundaries and guides them toward better choices.

Training Routines

the puppy training class encompassing training routines, your furry friend will be introduced to fundamental routines that establish the groundwork for their lifelong behavior:
Name Recognition: We ensure they learn to recognize your puppy's name by informing your trainer of it. Establishing the puppy's name strengthens the bond between you and your pet while enhancing communication.
Crate Training: Our crate training establishes the crate as a safe, personal haven for your puppy. We aim to create a reliable housebreaking routine for your pet, showing proper behavior inside the house.
Beginner Leash Manners: This routine introduces your puppy to the harness and leash. The goal is to teach your pup how to behave during leash walks so you can enjoy the outdoors and appropriately interact with other pets and people.
Potty Training: Our potty training routine adapts to your puppy's needs, whether they prefer potty pads or outdoor activities. We tailor our approach to match your preferences and your pup's comfort.

Pet-Tential Unleashed

Our Pet-Tential Unleashed Program is the go-to choice for pet parents looking to fast-track their puppy's training journey. This four-week puppy training class aims to refine your puppy's behavior, making it our most sought-after offering. This is one of our puppy training classes that builds upon the foundation of our initial two-week training. This puppy training program ensures a smooth transition for your pup to become a well-mannered and independent learner.

Included Command Training

After learning the initial commands mentioned earlier, your puppy will learn these additional words in the command training regimen:
Stay: "Stay where you are." - The "Stay" command teaches your pup to remain in their current position until permitted to move, enhancing control and ensuring safety in various situations.
Drop it: "Drop anything they decide to put into their mouth." - "Drop it" instructs your pup to release any object they've picked up, preventing unwanted chewing or potential hazards.

House Manners

In addition to the earlier routines in the two-week program, your pet will be taught house manners, ensuring proper behavior in your home:
No Jumping: This corrective routine helps prevent puppies from jumping on you to grab your attention.
No Nipping: This is also a corrective routine to stop puppies from playfully nipping objects or body parts, which helps establish proper habits if they want to communicate with you.

Superstar Status

This intensive six-week training class allows your pup to master the commands they already know and prepares them for the prestigious CGC certification.

Additional Commands

Your pup will master all commands learned so far and will learn to obey additional commands, including:
Okay: This release word prompts your pet that the training session has been completed.
Leave It: This command controls your pup, making them instinctively move away from the object you identify.

Establishing Routines

This comprehensive program covers all routines your pup needs to learn to be AKC certified, including:
- Naps - Play and training - Bedtime - Meal time - Potty training

Top Tier

Our Top Tier training package provides all the necessary training and routines to establish your furry friend as an AKC Star Puppy, enabling your pup to obey commands more precisely.

Additional Commands

In addition to the previous commands, your pup will also learn:
Crate or Place: This command prompts your puppy to enter the crate.

Reinforcing Established Routines

All routines, from potty to leash training, will be enhanced in this eight-week system. Our certified trainers will work closely with your fur baby, reducing the chances of mistakes and improving command recognition.

Customized Training for Your Beloved Furry Friend

At Up and Away Pups, we understand that each pup learns differently, which is why we customize our approach to the learning patterns of each pet. With this approach, we ensure that your puppy is equipped with all the manners and skills of a responsible pet in your home. Contact us to learn more about these programs.

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