About up & away pups

Is Up & Away Pups a pet store?
Where do you get the puppies’ parents? What are their conditions like?
What is the Up & Away Pups Health Guarantee?
What is a teacup puppy or micro puppy and does Up & Away Pups have them?
What is Up & Away Pups contact information?
What is VitaDawg?
What do you do with the mommy and daddy doggies once they get a little older? What happens with a puppy someone has returned?
What is the history of Up & Away Pups?

buying a puppy

Does Up & Away Pups ship their puppies?
Is the weight and size of my puppy guaranteed?
How can Up & Away Pups ensure that the puppy I’m taking home is happy and healthy?
Do designer breeds such as Bich Poo, Miniature Bulldog, Cavachon, Cavapoo, Frenchchton, Goldendoodle, Miniature Goldendoodle, Labradoodle, Maltipoo, Morkie, Pomapoo, Schnoodle, Shihpoo, Shorkie, Teddy Bear (Shichon), and Yorkie Poos etc. come with registration papers such as AKC, ACA, CKC, etc.?
Why are some puppies more expensive than others?
How do I know what puppy is right for my family?
What if I get my puppy home and I can't care for it anymore?
What if we decide our puppy is not right for our family? Can I return my puppy?
How do I know what Up & Away pups are available?
I’ve fallen in love with a puppy, what are my next steps?
Can I pay with cash? Multiple payments?
How does Up & Away Pups know the matured size of a puppy?
What is a deposit? Is it included in the cost of my puppy?
Can I meet a puppy before putting down a deposit?
If I am interested in a specific breed that is currently unavailable, how can I find out when the next litter will become available?
Has my puppy received its vaccinations and wormings? Will my puppy need more after we take it home?
What does allergy-friendly mean? Is there such a thing as a hypoallergenic dog?
What do I need to bring when I arrive to take my new puppy home?
Does my new puppy come microchipped?
If I find the puppy phase to be too overwhelming for me and am interested in adopting an older dog, what are my options?

health & wellbeing

How do I potty train my new puppy?
What is the best way to help our new puppy adjust to our home? What does Up & Away Pups recommend for our first week together?
What does Up & Away Pups recommend for puppy food?
I think my puppy may be sick, how do I know and what should I do?
Why won’t my puppy eat?
Is there anything I can do to guarantee my puppy lives longer? How can I have the healthiest puppy possible?


If we missed something in our FAQs please feel free to give us a ring at 855.762.4213 or shoot as an email at info@upandawaypups.com.