We bring your beloved puppy home safe and sound.

Up & Away Pups is licensed to transport and deliver puppies to their forever homes anywhere in the country. This aligns with our commitment to matching our precious puppies with the best people and families who can give them a forever home.

Bring your puppy home through our reliable and tested puppy delivery services.

  • USDA Licensed - We can fly puppies nationwide.
  • Trained Professionals - Our nannies are well-trained in handling puppies and care for them as though they were their own.
  • Land and Air Delivery - We will safely send your puppy to your address via plane or car.

Pick-Up at Up & Away Pups

We know how excited you are to finally have your new puppy home! Once everything is settled for your fur baby’s release, we will arrange a pick-up time and date at our headquarters. For more information on our location and to arrange a pick-up schedule, reach out to our staff via phone or email.

Our Puppy Delivery Services

We offer various puppy delivery and pick-up services. Choose the option that best fits your budget, schedule, and preferences.

Nationwide puppy delivery We safely deliver puppies all over the US and ensure your puppy’s comfort before takeoff and as they arrive at your local airport.
Via air with a flight nanny If you’re more comfortable having a nanny accompany your puppy during their transport, we can do this for you. A certified puppy nanny will accompany your furry baby, and your pet will be aboard the passenger section of the plane.
Via land with a driver nanny For local transports and deliveries to nearby states, we have driver nannies who can deliver your puppy directly to your doorstep.
Pick-up at Up & Away Pups If you reside near our headquarters in Sugarcreek, Ohio, you can come to Up & Away Pups and pick up the newest member of your family.

How to Choose a Puppy Delivery or Pick-Up Option

Your puppy’s safety and comfort are our priority at Up & Away Pups. Our experienced puppy handlers are here to advise you on the safest and most comfortable transport options for the newest member of your family.

How puppies fare during travels can vary depending on their breed, disposition, health condition, the distance they have to travel, and the number of hours they will spend inside a cage, plane cabin, or moving vehicle. Our expert puppy handlers can help determine if your pup will be most comfortable aboard a plane, on a car, or both.

We consider all important factors at Up & Away Pups. We want the best for the puppies we send to their forever homes, so we strive for ideal travel arrangements for every single one of them. For your peace of mind, we also provide trained and gentle puppy nannies to accompany your fur baby on their way to your home.

Up & Away Pups will make the best and safest delivery and pick-up options for your new puppy. We will ensure their comfort and well-being en route to their forever home with you and your family!


Pricing for your chosen delivery or pick-up service will vary according to the distance your puppy will travel and the supplementary services you want to include. Fill out the form below to request a custom quote.