We want to make the process of owning your newest fur baby as smooth as possible. We understand that many want to own a pet, but not all can afford the initial costs of purchasing a puppy through a licensed institution. This is why we offer puppy financing through Credova.

Credova Pet Financing

Making Pet Ownership More Affordable for Everyone!

Credova is a trusted consumer financing platform that offers customers multiple financing options – you might find at least one option doable given your financial situation. As dedicated breeders whose greatest desire is to find loving homes for all our puppies, we don’t want money issues to prevent capable individuals from owning a pet. We’re glad to make puppy financing possible through Credova!

Financing a Puppy Has Never Been Easier.

Getting a puppy through Credova financing is easy. Once you’ve chosen the puppy who has captured your heart, you can create a custom package to include training sessions and accessory kits or go to checkout immediately*. You can then select payment with Credova financing, and the payment page will provide you with several puppy financing options.

This is the advantage of financing a puppy through Credova: the platform integrates directly with our website, so you can complete the checkout process and enjoy affordable financing terms in a single transaction.

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*Up and Away Pups require a $200 non-refundable deposit to reserve your puppy. This deposit is deductible from your puppy’s purchase price. You can then settle the remaining balance through Credova pet financing.

Contact us us for more information on financing.