Frenchton Puppies - Los Angeles

Frenchton Puppies in Los Angeles, CA

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Frenchton puppies charm pet lovers with their playful personalities, affectionate nature and adorable appearance, blending the best traits of French Bulldogs and Boston Terriers. Their small size, low exercise requirements and adaptability make them well-suited for apartment living in bustling cities like Los Angeles. Their friendly demeanor also fits perfectly with the city's vibrant culture, making them cherished companions for urban dwellers.

Breed Info

Frenchtons, also known as French Bulldogs, are a designer dog breed created by crossing French Bulldogs with Boston Terriers. They inherit the desirable traits of both parent breeds, including the French Bulldog's affectionate nature and the Boston Terrier's playful energy.

Frenchtons typically have a sturdy build, a short coat and a charmingly expressive face. As relatively new hybrids, their history is intertwined with their parent breeds, aiming to combine the best qualities of each. Potential adopters should consider their moderate exercise needs, the tendency for snoring due to their short snouts and their love for human companionship, making them ideal for families or individuals seeking a loyal and loving canine companion.

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