Breed Info


Social & Playful

  • Energetic
  • Athletic
  • Affectionate and attention craving
  • Intelligent but can be stubborn
  • Playful and happy
  • Family friendly


Bat Ears & Sturdy


  • Sturdy
  • Flat face
  • Round head
  • Pointy ears
  • Straight tails

Coat Color:

  • Black
  • Black and white
  • Brindle


  • 5-10lbs
  • 7-11 inches tall


Low Activity

  • Can get most of its daily exercise by being indoors
  • Typically has quick bursts of energy rather than prolonged exercise
  • Will enjoy

Frenchtons are a result of crossing the Boston Terrier with the French Bulldog.

The History of the Boston Terrier

  • Originated in 1870 Boston
  • Used in pit-fighting
  • First non-sporting breed to be bred in the United States
  • Used in WW1 as an official mascot as well as a protector and search dog

The History of the French Bulldog

  • Originally bred for bull-baiting and blood sport
  • Made their appearance in the United States in the 1800's
  • Considered a social status symnol in the U.S. and Western Europe
  • Currently is in the top six most desired dog breeds


  • Brush weekly
  • Only bathe as necessary
  • Wiping with a wet cloth is better than a traditional bath
  • Pay attention to wrinkles for dirt, debris and potential sores
  • Clean ears and trim nails regularly
  • Brush teeth a few times a week


  • Intelligent but stubborn
  • Early training is recommended
  • Patience is necessary when training your Frenchton