Breed Info


Active & Playful

  • Playful and energetic
  • Need toys and challenges to keep them mentally stimulated
  • Exceptionally trainable
  • Happy to get along with children and other pets
  • Happy-go-lucky
  • Can have a stubborn streak


Wavy & Elegant


  • Square build
  • Narrow, elegant head
  • Long muzzle
  • Eyes are midium to dark brown and either almond or oval

Coat Type and Color:

  • Long and wavy
  • Soft and curly
  • Colors vary
  • Ideal for those with fur allergies


  • 25-35lbs
  • 12-17 inches tall


High Activity

  • Energetic and athletic
  • Irish Doodles require a large time commitment for exercise
  • Prefer vigorous exercise
  • Talented in agility, obedience training and swimming
  • Not ideal for apartment living, they prefer a yard for running

We Recommend:

  • 90 minutes of vigorous daily activity
  • 12 miles of walking per week

The Irish Doodle is a cross between two hunting dogs, the German Retrieving Poodle, and the elegant red field hunting Irish Setter.

The History of the German Retrieving Poodle:

  • Bred to retrieve waterfowl for hunters
  • Evolved to be more of a companion animal

The History of the Irish Setter:

  • Bred in Ireland in the 1700's
  • Used as a field hunting dog
  • The desired deep red color became the ideal in 1800's
  • Recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1878


  • Regular brushing and styling are essential
  • Trimming and clipping should be routine for your Irish Doodle
  • Check pup's ears frequently to avoid inner or external infections
  • Bathe only a few times per year


  • Very intelligent
  • These pups love to learn and be challenged
  • Early training is recommended
  • They can be stubborn during training
  • Keep challenging them and working on new skills throughout their lives to keep them mentally sharp
  • Giving these pups work to do will help them from being bored and destructive