From Pup to Pro: Training and Feeding Your Cavapoo for a Healthy Life

Cavapoo puppy

A Cavapoo is a designer breed resulting from a cross between a Poodle and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. It has a sweet nature, is very playful, and adaptable to the owner’s family. Cavapoos tend to be the center of attention, and love entertaining their owners. They make the perfect family dog for homes with kids and other pets.

Cavapoos grow up to be small or medium dogs and have a low-shedding coat. Cavapoos lifespan is 12-15 years, and are extremely social, forming a strong bond with their owners and other people around them. Even though they are really intelligent, you still have to ensure proper training so that they live a happy, healthy, and safe life. Further, we’ll share some training and feeding tips for Cavapoo puppies that you can follow.

Tips to Train Your Cavapoo Puppy for a Healthy Life

If you are thinking about adding a fluffy and cute Cavapoo puppy to your family, make sure to follow these tips so it grows to be a well-behaved and happy adult dog.

Teach Basic Tricks & Behaviors with Positive Reinforcement

Just like with any dog breed, teaching important behaviors and tricks is vital. Make use of toys and treats to reward your Cavapoo whenever it shows good behavior. Positive reinforcement is really effective and will allow your puppy to get trained quickly.

Start teaching him basic commands and tricks like sit, come, leave it, down, spin, and more from the first day itself. These basic commands will form the foundation for advanced training as your puppy gets older.

Ensure Proper House Training

If you want your Cavapoo puppy to be well-behaved, then house training is essential. You need to be consistent with this and come up with a regular schedule for your puppy. Establish a regular time for waking up in the morning, going out on walks, feeding, potty breaks, and sleeping.

Bring a crate to your home so that your Cavapoo has his own safe place to rest and sleep. Praise and reward your dog when he follows its house routine so that he understands the importance of following it.

Ensure Socialization & Obedience Training

A critical aspect of training Cavapoo puppies is socialization with your family members, kids, other people, and other animals. Make him comfortable with different environments, animals, scents, sounds, and places from an early age. Neglecting this can cause behavioral issues like anxiety, stress, aggression, and fear in your puppy.

Similarly, obedience training is important so that your puppy listens and obeys to your commands. Sometimes, in a new environment, your puppy may get stressed and will stop listening to you. Obedience makes sure that this doesn’t happen. Also, it comes handy when you are trying to teach your puppy advanced things like leave it, play dead, start barking, etc.

Keep the Puppy Mentally Stimulated

Mental stimulation is important for your puppy’s development. Make use of interactive toys, puzzle feeders, and games in its routine to promote mental growth and prevent it from getting bored. This also keeps your puppy engaged and helps improve its obedience.

You can take it to walk in new environments, interact with things it hasn’t seen before, etc. Mental stimulation keeps your puppy curious and allows it to grow into an intelligent adult dog.

Take Him For Regular Vet Check Ups

You must take your Cavapoo puppy to the vet for regular health checkups. This ensures its good health and helps identify any potential health issues at an early age. Make sure that the puppy receives all necessary vaccines on time, and any other health supplements prescribed by the vet. The vet will also examine the puppy’s weight, height, coat, etc. and let you know regarding any issue.

Feeding Tips for Your Cavapoo Puppy

Cavapoo puppies are not fussy eaters and won’t trouble you regarding their feeding. Still, you must give them the best-quality food and feed them on time to ensure their good health.

  1. Give them at least 3 meals daily till they are six months old. After that, you can feed your puppy twice, but do not overfeed it.
  2. The puppy’s feeding schedule and diet should be consistent. If you regularly change its feeding pattern, it can lead to an upset tummy and digestive issues.
  3. Cavapoos are very energetic and active, needing a diet with high carbohydrates, proteins, and fatty acids. Also, provide your puppy with lots of exercise so it can burn extra calories and stay in shape.
  4. Similar to its parent breeds, Cavapoos are vulnerable to cavities, gingivitis, and other dental issues. Feed them a high-quality dry diet that scrapes their teeth keeping them clean.


    Your life will get filled with joy, love, and companionship when you bring home a Cavapoo puppy. It will adore you endlessly and become the center of attention of your home. However, it is your duty to follow the right training and feeding tips so that your puppy grows into a happy and healthy dog.

    When searching Cavapoo puppies for sale, only consider trustworthy, reliable breeders who use ethical and dog-friendly techniques. This lovable breed will form a lifelong bond with you, rewarding you with never-ending love and companionship.