5 Fun Facts to Know About Teacup Maltese Puppies

Teacup Maltese Puppies

The Maltese puppies bring a lot of benefits to their toy-size build, adding to the punch of their adorable looks and enduring personalities. They bring a lot of positivity and energy to the home while tending their distinctive, luxurious coat is a real treat to the owner as well as the pup. Although the Teacup Maltese puppies have been adored since their prominence for centuries, they have their way of astounding us.

Rolling Out The Fun-Facts

Explore a new side to these charismatic pups as we uncover the astonishing facts about the Teacup Maltese.

1. Teacup Maltese Stand Only 5 Inches Tall

Teacup Maltese puppies are well-known for being the perfect lap dogs with their short stature and light bodies. Traveling with them is seamless, and their slight bodies turn your compact apartments into grand palaces with rooms these pups would ever need. Standing at only 5 inches in height, it does not appear that this toy breed can get any less compact; however, as they are bags full of surprises, the teacup varieties barely register on the scale.

Although they might lack in mass weight by just four to five pounds, these miniature pups have the complete character and physical features we hardly expect from any breed. The main difference lies in their delicacy and the possibility of health issues that create the most ethical debate that revolves around this breed.

2. Maltese Can Run Roughly 15 MPH

Pet owners would often find the Maltese as the prototypical pampered pup with a reputation that appears to fit when we notice an elegant topknot that complements their cascading, floor-length coat. It is often tough to imagine this amount of athleticism from a dog that carries their self-grown tripping hazard. In the course of agility, these spritely furballs will leave no room to astonish you.

Maltese often run for about 14 to 15 mph on average, with the fastest AKC Fast CAT results for the breed being Sawyer Brown's 24.41 mph mark in 2017.2. The fastest speed beats several records of other Bichon-type dogs, including a few of the bigger breeds. It stands to no competition for a Greyhound; however, the Maltboastsoast has quick reflexes and a spry gait, making it the best feature around the obstacle courses and the competitive arenas.

3. Maltese Have Been Cherished for Over 2000 Years

The popularity of the Maltese dates back over 2000 years when they arrived from the island of Malta, from which it derives its name. The trade spread the breed to Africa, Europe, and the Middle East. Egyptian hieroglyphics indicate that the Maltese were common companions that offered healing abilities to their owners.

The Ancient Roman and Greek texts highlight the cultural adoration for these pups. The Romans even took the credit for the snow-white coat of the Maltese as a trait they searched for during breeding. The breed had retained its reputation for elegance through the ages. The royals even viewed the Maltese as symbols of nobility that barred the commoners from owning them. Their popularity gained traction as they appeared in 1800 America, and AKC recognized the breed in 1888.

4. At Least One Maltese Was a Millionaire

Leona Helmsley, a billionaire hotelier, had little to no room for affection in her wicked and icy heart. However, she had enough room for Trouble, her pet Maltese and loyal companion, even during her final years. After the death of Helmsley in 2007, the majority of her wealth went to animal charities. Family inheritances were less than non-existent; however, Helmsley felt Trouble was worth about $12 million that she left to her beloved pet.

A judge fitted the trust amount to $2 million for Trouble, a good amount of change. It is the ideal case study of the potential of the Maltese personality. It is now safe to mention that Maltese can win anyone's health if even the "Queen of Mean" can find love in one of these adorable pets.

5. Maltese Are Famously Finicky Eaters

Maltese have lived a good, privileged life. They have been the prized pet of the elites and royalties for several generations, and this is proven in their fussiness with food!

Although the Maltese pups are not difficult due to their pampered pedigree, there comes no doubt that they bring a reputation of being a picky eater over what they will or will not eat. Like numerous toy breeds, finding your own Teacup Maltese puppies eating selective parts of their dishes is quite common. In a couple of instances, landing across a health brand they would eat consistently includes several experiments.

Welcome a Teacup Maltese Puppy into Your Life

The Maltese breeds bring magic to your home. They are extremely gorgeous and effortlessly friendly. They can soften even the stoniest among us with more than their looks. At Up & Away Pups, we welcome you to the world of Teacup Maltese Puppies for sale, where quality and cuteness overflow. Our breeding facility stays dedicated to raising, happy, healthy, and socialized pups who are prepared to add joy to your home!