French Bulldog - Los Angeles

French Bulldog Puppies in Los Angeles, CA

Are you looking for a cuddly French Bulldog puppy to be part of your family? Look no further than Up and Away Pups! We are a trusted breeder of various canine pups in Los Angeles, California. Our dedicated team aims to place and match healthy and beloved puppies in loving and caring homes. 

French Bulldog puppies are adored for their compact size, expressive faces and affectionate nature. Their charming personalities, low exercise needs and adaptability to apartment living make them irresistible to pet lovers seeking companionship in a smaller package.

All our French Bulldog puppies under our care receive all the love and care they need, preparing them for adoption into their new home in Los Angeles, CA. Each puppy gets regular checkups and vaccinations from certified veterinary practitioners. We also provide basic puppy training and prepare them for your home.

Breed Info

French Bulldogs originated from England but gained popularity in France, where they were bred as companion dogs. Their distinctive bat-like ears, wrinkled faces and compact bodies contribute to their undeniable cuteness. With expressive eyes and affectionate temperaments, they quickly capture hearts. Frenchies are sturdy and playful despite their small size, making them beloved companions for families and individuals alike, embodying charm and character in their unique appearance and demeanor.

At Up and Away Pups, we have partnered with Fetch Pet Insurance to provide a 10% discount on pet insurance, providing sufficient coverage for your furry friend. We also offer reliable location tracking of your French Bulldog puppy through Global Pet Security.