Breed Info


Playful & Gentle

  • Intelligent
  • Gentle and silly
  • Social- these pups love to play with family members, and other people
  • Happy and affectionate
  • Can display herding behavior, but can be managed with early training
  • Ideal as a family pet or a therapy dog


Sturdy & Shaggy


  • Medium sized dog
  • Muscular and sturdy build

Coat Type and Color:

  • Luxurious wavy coat that makes them seem bigger than they are
  • Some have loose curls
  • Solid black
  • Red and white
  • Solid chocolate
  • Chocolate and white
  • Shades of brown (solid or with white markings)
  • Silver or Gray
  • Tricolors (though rare and highly sought-after)


  • 20-40lbs
  • Roughly 18 inches tall


Medium Activity

  • Mini Sheepadoodles love the outdoors
  • Enjoy brisk walks and hikes
  • Good swimmers and love playing with toys
  • A good amount of their exercise comes from playing with kids

We Recommend:

  • 30-45 minutes of daily moderate activity
  • 5-6 miles of walking per week

The History of the Old English Sheepdog:

  • Emerged from England as early as the 1700's
  • Bred for herding
  • Exported to the United States in the 1880's

The History of the Poodle:

  • Can be traced to Roman & Egyptian times
  • The French used the variety of poodle sizes for duck hunting, sniffing out truffles and small companions
  • Used in circuses because of how quickly they learned tricks
  • Was the most popular breed in America from the 1950's to the 90's


  • Brush thoroughly every other day
  • Full body trim needed every 4-6 weeks
  • Bathe monthly with a gentle shampoo
  • Clean ears every few weeks
  • Monthly nail trimming is necessary
  • Brush teeth several times per week


  • Smart and eager to please
  • Easy to train
  • Keep sessions short and interesting
  • Keep commands consistent
  • Use patience and persistence