Breed Info


Happy & Affectionate

  • Affectionate and loving
  • Intelligent and easy to train
  • Pleasant temperament
  • Low-shedding
  • Athletic
  • Prone to separation anxiety
  • Family friendly


Fluffy & Expressive

Coat Type and Color:

  • Curly or wavy coat
  • Coat may have various markings or patterns
  • Low-shedding
  • Black
  • White
  • Fawn
  • Grey
  • Chocolate
  • Merle
  • Sable

Longevity: 12-16 years


High Activity

  • Portidoodles love playtime indoors or outdoors
  • Thrive anywhere there's water
  • Enjoy playing w/ children (keep an eye out so the small pup doesn't get injured)
  • Need mental stimulation as well as physical activity

We Recommend:

  • 60 minutes of daily activity
  • 5-7 miles of walking per week

The Miniature Portidoodle is a mix between the Poodle and the Portuguese Water Dog

The History of The Poodle:

  • Can be traced to Roman & Egyptian times
  • The French used the variety of poodle sizes for duck hunting, sniffing out truffles and small companions
  • Used in circuses because of how quickly they learned tricks
  • Was the most popular breed in America from the 1950's to the 90's

The History of the Portuguese Water Dog:

  • Originated in the Portugal coast
  • Used for herding fish into fishermen's nets, retrieving lost tackle and broken nets
  • Breed was brought to the US in 1958 and recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1983


  • Daily brushing recommended
  • Keep an eye on ears to avoid dirt and infection
  • Brush teeth and trim nails regularly


  • Portidoodles are intelligent and relatively easy to train
  • Early training and socialization is recommended
  • Ongoing training will keep pup mentally sharp and out of trouble