Breed Info


Sweet & Curious

  • Playful and friendly
  • Loving and eager to please
  • Great with kids
  • Known to chase things
  • Not an ideal guard dog


Silky & Expressive


  • Large, expressive eyes
  • Floppy ears

Coat Type and Color:

  • Silky coat
  • Moderate length
  • Slightly wavy
  • Blenheim (white coat w/ chestnut)
  • Black and tan
  • Ruby
  • Tri-color (black and white coat w/ tan markings)


  • 10-18lbs
  • 12-13 inches


Medium Activity

  • Active and sporty
  • Loves roaming and exploring
  • Playful and enjoys interacting with other dogs

We Recommend:

  • 30 minutes of activity per day
  • 6 miles of walking per week
  • Keep the pup leased in busy areas as they tend to chase
  • Breed can be traced back to England
  • Loved for gentle nature
  • Adored by King Charles II in the late 1600's
  • This pup came to the United States in the 1950's


  • Brushing needed every other day to avoid matting and tangling
  • Feathering on the ears and foot pads need to be trimmed regularly
  • Daily teeth brushing recommended
  • Ear cleaning necessary to avoid trapped moisture and build-up
  • Considered an average shedder


  • Eager to please
  • Earlier training is better
  • Leash necessary during walks or while visiting busy places
  • Gentle training and positive reinforcement is best