Breed Info


Happy & Friendly

  • Make great playmates
  • Adaptable to many types of living environments
  • Chipper personality
  • Protective of their family, which can result in aggression if not properly trained


Small & Stocky


  • Broad head
  • Small, erect ears
  • Large, round wide-set eyes
  • Short muzzle
  • Short and square-like body type
  • Broad chest

Coat Type and Color:

  • Short, smooth coat
  • Black and white
  • Seal and white
  • Brindle and white


  • 10-25lbs
  • 15-17 inches tall


Medium Activity

  • High energy
  • Enjoy exercise, play and agility work
  • Cannot tolerate exercise in extreme heat or cold
  • Great walking companions

We Recommend:

  • 60 minutes of daily activity
  • 8 miles of walking per week
  • Purchasing a harness for walking rather than a collar to avoid injury
  • Originated in 1870 Boston
  • Used in pit-fighting
  • First non-sporting breed to be bred in the United States
  • Used in WW1 as an official mascot as well as a protector and search dog


  • Low shed rate
  • Combing weekly is suggested
  • Frequent bathing is not necessary
  • Maintain cleanliness and dryness in eye area and in face creaces
  • Clean ears and teeth WEEKLY
  • Prone to food sensitivities and obeisity


  • Crate training recommended
  • Known to be slow at house training
  • Early obedience and socialization training recommended
  • Boston Terriers do better with positive reinforcement and a kind tone